Democrats welcome you to help restore and rebuild America.

America has been decimated by fraud, mismanagement and corruption in the previous administration.  The promise of America has been broken day after day. The only option left for all Americans is to unite and restore all that has been squandered and lost. This is our one chance to turn the ship of state around so it does not sink any more. 

Democrats stand for personal choice in matters of faith and its practice, fiscal responsibility and social justice for all Americans. Worker protections, health care for all, environmental protections are among the many positions of the Democrats. 

Democrats do not promote “socialism” but social responsibility. They are also known as the “left” or “liberals”. – Wikipedia

Joseph R. Biden, the President of the United States has had a long history of distinguished service in many levels of government. He has a heart and passion to bring responsible and stable leadership that will serve all Americans and restore the leadership role that America has lost in the last four years in the community of nations. The selection of Senator Kamala Harris now Vice President of the United States is truly historic in many respects. She is both the first African-American and South Asian (Indian) to be selected for the second highest office in the land. She brings an enormous wealth of experience and understanding to deal with the complex issues facing America. Her passion and accomplishments in the areas of social justice and consumer protections are well known. All Americans have a unique opportunity to restore the promise and potential of America with a winning team in Joseph Biden Jr. and Kamala Harris. Know more at DNC.

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